Our Cosmeceutical Spray On Tanning is where gorgeous sunless tanning begins! Your sunless tan is applied by a trained professional and takes about 5-8 minutes. Our proprietary tanning solution is safe and contains no chemicals, perfumes, alcohol, dyes, or toxins. Instead, our all natural tanning solution uses beet and sugar cane extracts and whole leaf aloe vera, which is loaded with active nutrients, vitamins and minerals for optimal skin health. These biologically active ingredients hydrate your skin and increase absorption, extending the life of your tan and leaving you with a golden bronze glow. The results are incredibly natural looking and not only non-toxic, but good for your skin.

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To prepare for your sunless tan:

  • Shower and exfoliate - the smoother the top layer of your skin, the better the results 
  • What to wear? Female clients can wear undergarments, a bikini, or be nude. Male clients must wear some form of undergarment
  • Wear loose fitting, darker clothing and flip flops to your session (tight clothes will rub your skin and reduce the effect of your tan)
  • The solution may also stain silk, wool and synthetic fabrics so try to avoid these the first 12 hours after your session

To make your tan last, limit physical activity and do not shower for 8-12 hours after your session and use a moisturizer.