Sadie Mahrle

Owner, Cosmetologist, Clinical Esthetician, Make-Up Artist, Lash Bomb & Elleebana Artist & Trainer

Sadie Mahrle has 6 years of experience in the beauty and skin care industry and specializes in Lashes and Hair Removal Techniques. She is a graduate of Douglas J Aveda Institute, as well as a certified medical laser technician, graduating from Thrive Medical Institute in Chicago. Sadie is certified to give treatments with 7 different medical lasers, Dermapen MD (advanced Micro-needling), and Dermaplaning. She also is certified and specializes in Chemical Peeling and is a Certified Lash Bomb Eyelash Extension Artist and Trainer. Sadie is not only passionate about the skin care and beauty industry, but is focused on guest service and passionate about building long term relationships with her guests, team members, and with the community.

Anne Mahrle

Spa Manager

Anne brings her 21 years of experience as a business owner to Bare Beauty Bar & Spa as she oversees day-to-day operations. Anne’s philosophy that running a business is based on providing unique customer service ensures each guest that the focus is on them, and that their needs will be met and fulfilled to their utmost satisfaction.

Cassie Herig

Cosmetologist, Make-up Artist, Lash Artist

Cassie is a graduate of Douglas J Aveda institute East Lansing, Michigan. She has six years in the beauty and skin care industry, she has been on the management side of the salon and spa industry as well as worked for Benefit cosmetics. Cassie is a certified Lash Bomb Artist and is certified in PCA chemical peels and skin biology, Cassie is always attending trade shows and learning more about the latest trends in the beauty industry alongside Sadie to stay up to date on the latest and greatest skin care secrets and make-up techniques.